About me

About me

Hi! I'm Gábor, a former BMX Flatland pro turned developer turned freelance engineering manager.

Grounded Expertise

My journey into tech started in 2010 with a hands-on approach, developing solutions for e-commerce, telecoms and high traffic web applications. This rich background has given me the foundation for my current role, where I lead teams not just through authority, but through knowledge, mutual respect and trust.

People-Centric Approach

I believe that people are at the heart of every successful project. In my role, especially at Atradius, I focus on getting the best out of people. Through actively listening, sharing and nurturing, I've seen teams transform and excel, proving that a people-centric approach is key to technical and business success.

Balancing Tech, Business, and Process

Understanding the critical balance between technology, business objectives and efficient processes has been a cornerstone of my career. Whether it's introducing new technologies at VodafoneZiggo, streamlining processes or building new teams at Atradius, I always strive to ensure that our technology solutions are not only innovative, but also aligned with business objectives.

Sharing and Growing

Throughout my journey, I have witnessed the recurring challenges that hold back the potential of software engineers. To help as many of my peers as possible, I actively share my knowledge and experience on LinkedIn. From practical engineering management tips to personal development, my content aims to give back to the community that helps me grow.

Future path

As I continue my journey, I remain committed to helping teams and individuals in the tech world reach their full potential. I'm here not just to lead, but to learn, grow, and connect with others who share a passion for technology, people, and progress.

"Gábor has a rare combination of strong technology and project management skills. However, what really sets him apart are his people management skills. Under his leadership, the growth of the engineers exceeded expectations both individually and as a team.

His influence is still evident in the continued success of the engineering team."

— Paul Goossens, Head of a Digital Channels Development Department
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