Navigating Your First Job Hunt

Navigating Your First Job Hunt

The start of a career in technology is exciting, but also a bit scary.

Whether you're looking for an internship or your first full-time job, certain strategies can help you get there.

This article takes you through practical steps to help you find those opportunities.

Finding Opportunities

The first step to finding a good job or internship is to know where to look. Start with popular job search sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, or AngelList.

Keep Track of Applications

I know from experience that it's easy to get lost in the flood of applications. Use a simple spreadsheet in your favourite note-taking app to record where you've applied, the status of your responses, the link through which you applied for the job, and important dates.


You can make your CV stand out by using keywords from job adverts, but it requires significant effort.

A personalised cover letter, on the other hand, can make a big difference by showing your enthusiasm and how well you fit the job.

Exploring New Opportunities

Sometimes the best opportunities are not even advertised.

Try to send a polite and professional email to companies you admire, but that don't have any visible job openings. Explain why you are interested in working with them and what you can offer.

Gain Relevant Experience

If you're new to the field, it can be very helpful to showcase your skills through personal side projects or contributions to open-source projects.

Participating in hackathons or coding competitions is also a great way to boost your CV and learn useful things.


Meeting people in the tech industry can lead to job opportunities. Attend technology meet-ups, seminars and join online technology groups.

You can also apply for informational interviews where you can learn about people's work and ask for career advice.

Preparing for Interviews

To do well in interviews, practice is key.

Use sites like Pramp or to practice with real people.

You can ask ChatGPT to give you a mock interview so you can simulate the interview and get feedback.

Polish your technical skills by reviewing the basics of computer science and practising coding problems on platforms such as LeetCode or HackerRank.

Following Up

Always send a “Thank You” email after the interview to express your appreciation and confirm your interest in the job.

If you don't get the job, politely ask for feedback so you can improve your chances next time.

Finding your first job or internship in tech may seem difficult, but with the right approach, you can do it.

Stay persistent, keep learning, and don't forget to smile 😉